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Lesson 6

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Question: Ask your friend what he will give his girlfriend as a birthday present.

Hint 1 Hint 1   给 is used as the complement of the verb 送
Hint 2 Hint 2   送 is placed before 给
Comments Answer  你 要 送 给 你 女 朋 友 什 么生 日 礼 物 ? Listen
Comments Comments  送 给
sòng gěi used a resultative verb phrase. The main verb is 送 sòng, which means to give something as a present. 给 gěi implies to give the present to somebody. For example, in 我 送 给 你 一 张 照 片 wŏ sòng gěi nĭ yì zhāng zhàopiàn I'll give you a photo as a present, the main action is to give something away as a present, but the person to whom the present is given is 你 you. Therefore the 给 gěi  that is placed after 送 sòng refers to the object 你 you.
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