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Question: The closest meaning to 小李,我给你看一张照片[Xiăo Lĭ, wŏ gĕi nĭ kàn yì zhāng zhàopiàn] is
to (a person). Used as a co-verb.
1 我看小李的一张照片 I’ll have a look at Xiao Li’s photo. 2我给小李一张照片 I’ll give Xiao Li a photo. 3小李看一下我给他的一张照片 Xiao Li is having a look at the photo I gave him. 小李,我给你看一张照片Xiao Li, let me show you a photo. gěi give to, which refers to: you, as in 我给你看wǒ gěi nǐ kàn... [Lit.] I give to you to look at

Choose the answer
1. 我看小李的一张照片
[wŏ kàn Xiăo Lĭ de yì zhāng zhàopiàn]
2. 我给小李一张照片
[wŏ gĕi Xiăo Lĭ yì zhāng zhàopiàn]
3. 小李看一下我给他的一张照片
[Xiăo Lĭ kàn yíxià wŏ gĕi tā de yì zhāng zhàopiàn]