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Question:The closest meaning to 这是我们要送给妈妈的生日礼物[zhè shì wŏmen yào sòng gĕi māma de shēngrì lĭwù] is
to (a person). Used as a resultative word.
1 我妈妈要我们的礼物 my mother wants our present. 2 我妈妈要我们送给她礼物 my mother wants us to give her a present. 3 我们想给妈妈一个礼物 we would like to give Mum a present. 这是我们要送给妈妈的生日礼物 this is the birthday present we would like to give Mum. yào going to, intend to is placed before another verb, and is used as a modal verb in this sentence. gěi  to is used as a resultative word, which is placed after the main verb sòng give [something as a present] as in 送给妈妈的生日礼物 sòng gĕi māma de shēngrì lĭwù a birthday present for Mum.

Choose the answer
1. 我妈妈要我们的礼物
[wŏ māma yào wŏmen de lĭwù]
2. 我妈妈要我们送给她礼物
[wŏ māma yào wŏmen sòng gĕi tā lĭwù]
3. 我们想给妈妈一个礼物
[wŏmen xiăng gĕi māma yí ge shēngrì lĭwù]