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Question: The closest meaning of 这么大,真漂亮 [zhème dà, zhēn piàoliàng] is
这么 so, such.
1 大的东西漂亮big things are beautiful. 2 又大又好看both big and beautiful 3 什么东西很漂亮 which things are beautiful? 这么大,真漂亮 such a big thing and it’s really beautiful. 这么 zhème so or such is followed by a stative verb, such as big.

Choose the answer
1. 大的东西漂亮
[dà de dōngxi piàoliàng]
2. 又大又好看
[yòu dà, yòu hăokàn]
3. 什么东西很漂亮
[shènme dōngxi  hĕn piàoliàng]