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Question: The closest meaning of 你看, 这是我弟弟 [nĭ kàn, zhè shì wŏ dìdi] is
1 你看, 我的弟弟 look, there is my brother. 2 请你看看, 我弟弟在这儿look, my brother is here. 3 我弟弟想看你 my brother would like to see you. 你看,这是我弟弟 look, this is my brother. 你看 nĭ kàn look! nĭ is often placed before kàn in colloquial Chinese.

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1. 你看, 我的弟弟
[nĭ kàn, wŏ de dìdi]
2. 请你看看, 我弟弟在这儿
[qĭngnĭ kàn kan, wŏ dìdi zài zhèr]
3. 我弟弟想看你
[wŏ dìdi xiăng kàn nĭ]