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Lesson 6

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Question: 他现在在银行工作了[tā xiànzài zài yínháng gōngzuò le] implies that
implies a change of state.

Comments: 1 他正在银行工作呢 he is working in a bank [at this moment]. 2 他总是在银行工作 he always works in a bank. 3 他以前不在银行工作 he didn’t work in a bank before. 他现在在银行工作了 he works in a bank now. 正在 zhèngzài is placed before a verb or a co-verb clause to indicate that an action is in progress.

Choose the answer
1. 他正在银行工作呢
[tā zhèngzài yínháng gōngzuò ne]
2. 他总是在银行工作
[tā zŏngshì zài yínháng gōngzuò]
3. 他以前不在银行工作
[tā yĭqián bú zài yínháng gōngzuò]