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Lesson 7

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Question: Say that a person is walking into your bedroom from the garden.

Hint 1 Hint 1   Use the co-verb 从
Hint 2 Hint 2   走 进 我 卧 室 来 should be placed after the 从 clause
Comments Answer  有 一 个 人 从 花 园 走 进 我 卧 室 来 了 。 Listen
Comments Comments  Alternatively: 一 个 人 从 花 园 走 进 我 卧 室 来 了
yí ge rén cóng huāyuán zŏu jìn wŏ wòshì lái le. The object of the sentence 我 卧 室 wŏ wòshì is placed within the combined directional phrase 进 来 jìn lái , as in 走 进 卧 室 来 zŏu jìn wòshì lái. The last word 来 lái in the combined directional phrase indicates that the action approaches the speaker, in other words, the speaker is in the bedroom. 去 can be used in a combined directional phrase to imply that an action moves away from the speaker, as in 走 进 卧 室 去 zŏu jìn wòshì qù, where the speaker is outside the bedroom.
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