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Question: The closest meaning to 上午给你打电话说来看房子 [shàngwǔ gěi nĭ dă diànhuà shuō lái kàn fángzi] is
Hint: The subject is omitted. It means我给你打电话 and 我说我来看房子.

Choose the answer
1. 上午有人给你打电话,他说要来看房子
[shàngwǔ yŏu rén gěi nĭ dă diànhuà tā shuō yào lái kàn fángzi]
2. 上午你打电话给我,你说你要来看房子
[shàngwǔ nĭ dă diànhuà gěi wŏ, nĭ shuō nĭ yào lái kàn fángzi]
3. 上午给你打电话,说的是来看房子
[shàngwǔ gěi nĭ dă diànhuà, shuō de shì lái kàn fángzi]