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Question: The closest meaning to 涴杶滇赽植俋晚嫁艘竭か謠 [zh豕 t角o f芍ngzi c車ng w角ibi芋n k角n h豆n pi角oli角ng] is  
it*s a notional passive sentence.
1 植涴杶滇赽腔俋晚艘,滇赽竭か謠 looked at from outside, this house is very beautiful. 2 涴杶滇赽腔俋晚嫁竭か謠 the outside of the house is very beautiful. 3 植涴杶滇赽艘俋晚嫁腔滇赽竭か謠 looked at from this house the houses outside are very beautiful. 涴杶滇赽植俋晚嫁艘竭か謠 this house looks very beautiful from outside. 竭か謠 h豆n pi角oliang very beautiful describes 涴杶滇赽 zh豕 t角o f芍ngzi this house.

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植涴杶滇赽腔俋晚艘ㄛ滇赽竭か謠 [c車ng zh豕 t角o f芍ngzi de w角ibi芋n k角n, f芍ngzi h豆n pi角oli角ng]
2. 涴杶滇赽腔俋晚嫁竭か謠  
[zh豕 t角o f芍ngzi de w角ibi芋nr h豆n pi角oli角ng]
3. 植涴杶滇赽艘俋晚嫁腔滇赽竭か謠
[c車ng zh豕 t角o f芍ngzi k角n w角ibi芋nr de f芍ngzi h豆n pi角oli角ng]