Chinese Multimedia

Lesson 8

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Listening and speaking
Grammar exercises
Multiple choice


Question: Your bike is broken. Go to a bike shop and ask a shop assistant if he can repair it for you.

Hint 1 Hint 1   Use 给
Hint 2 Hint 2   给 is placed before the main verb
Comments Answer  师 傅 , 给 修 一 下 自 行 车 好 吗? Listen
Comments Comments  Alternatively: 请
给 修 一 下 车 好 吗 qǐng nǐ gěi xiū yíxià chē hǎo ma or 能 不 能 给 修 一 下 车 néng bu néng gěi xiū yíxià chē. The word 给 gěi implies 给 我 gěi wǒ for me. 我   can be omitted in casual colloquial Chinese. For instance, if you need a bike and you can see your friend has one, you might say  给 用 一 下车 行 吗 gěi yòng yíxià chē xíng ma.
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