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Lesson 8

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Question: Tell people that your girlfriend cooked the meal very well last night.

Hint 1 Hint 1   Use 得, the complement of degree construction
Hint 2 Hint 2   Last night  昨 天 晚 上
Comments Answer  我 女 朋 友 昨 天 晚 上 作 饭 作 得 很 好 。 Listen
Comments Comments  Alternatively: 我 女 朋 友 昨 天 晚 上 作 饭 作 得 很 好 吃
wǒ  nǚ péngyou zuótiān wǎnshang zuò fàn zuò de hěn hǎo chī or 我 女 朋 友 昨 天 晚 上 作 的 饭 很 好 吃 wǒ nǚ péngyou zuótiān wǎnshang zuò de fàn hěn hǎo chī. The 得 de complement of degree construction is used for describing habitual actions, but it can also be used to describe the outcome of particular actions. 很 好 吃 hěn hǎo chī in both the above sentences refers to the outcome (food).
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