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Lesson 8

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Question: Tell your friend that Xiao Wang is a really good student.

Hint 1 Hint 1   Use 可
Hint 2 Hint 2   可 should be placed before 是
Comments Answer  小 王 可 是 一 个 好 学 生 。 Listen
Comments Comments  Alternatively: 小 王 真 是 一 个 好 学 生
Xiǎo Wáng zhēn shì yí ge hǎo xuésheng. 可 is placed before the linking verb 是 shì in the above sentence to reinforce a statement. For instance, 这 可 是 一 辆 好 车 啊 zhè kě shì yí liàng hǎo chē a this is actually a very good bike, or 老 王 可 不 是 一 个 好 人 Lǎo Wáng kě bú shì yí ge hǎo rén Mr. Wang is actually not a very good person. 可 can also be placed before modal verbs such as 想 xiǎng and  喜 欢 xǐhuān to emphasise desires and feelings. For instance, 他 可 想 吃 中 国 菜 了 tā kě xiǎng chī Zhōngguó cài le he would really like to eat some Chinese food. 可 is placed before stative verbs to reinforce them, as in 我 可 忙了 wǒ kě máng le I am busy. In this usage 了 le is often placed at the end of affirmative sentences.
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