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Question: The closest meaning to 理得慢就讨不到老婆了 [lĭ de màn jiù tăo bu dào lăopó le] is
讨老婆 find a wife. (A colloquial expression). It’s a conditional sentence in which 要是 if is omitted.
1 理发理得慢就找不到对象了if you did the haircut slowly, you wouldn't be able to find a girlfriend. 2 老婆不喜欢我理发理得慢 my wife does not like me cutting hair slowly. 3 理发的人找不到老婆 a barber can’t find a wife. 理得慢就讨不到老婆了if you cut hair slowly, then you won’t be able to find a wife.

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1. 理发理得慢就找不到对象了
[lĭ fà lĭ de màn jiù zhăo bu dào duìxiàng le]
2. 老婆不喜欢我理发理得慢
[lăopó bù xĭhuān wŏ lĭ fà lĭ de màn]
3. 理发的人找不到老婆
[lĭ fà de rén zhăo bu dào lăopó]