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Lesson 9

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Question: Tell Xiao Wang to eat his meal quickly, as you have to go out to see a friend.

Hint 1 Hint 1   Place the adverb 快 before the verb 吃
Hint 2 Hint 2   Have to: 得 děi used as a modal verb
Comments Answer  快 吃 饭 , 我 们 得 去 看 朋 友 。 Listen
Comments Comments  Alternatively: 快 吃! 我 们 得 去 看 朋 友
kuài chī! wǒmen děi qù kàn péngyou. When a speaker places an adverb before a verb, the adverb refers to the manner in which the action is carried out. However, if a speaker places the same adverb after the verb, it often refers to the outcome of the action. In 快 走 kuài zǒu quickly go kuài refers to the manner in which the action 走 zǒu should be carried out. However, in 走 快 点 儿 zǒu kuài diǎnr go a little bit faster, 快 kuài refers to the outcome, that is, the speed. In 多 吃 点 儿 duō chī diǎnr the word 多 duō  refers to the manner or intention with which the eating action should be carried out, while in 吃 多 点 儿 chī duō diǎnr the word 多 duō refers to the amount of food.
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