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Lesson 9

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Question: Tell your friend that you have changed your mind: you are not going to the shop today, but will go there tomorrow.

Hint 1 Hint 1   The modal particle 了 is used
Hint 2 Hint 2   再 can be used in the second clause
Comments Answer  今 天 我 不 去 商 店 了 , 明 天 再 去 。 Listen
Comments Comments  The modal particle 了 le at the end of the sentence indicates a change of situation. The 了 le in this sentence 我 现 在 是 老 师 了
wǒ xiànzài shì lǎoshī le I am a teacher now implies that I was not a teacher before. In 我 现 在 不 是 老 师 了 wǒ xiànzài bú shì lǎoshī le I am not a teacher any more the 了le  implies that I was a teacher before.
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