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Question: The closest meaning to 我刚才在打电话呢 [wŏ gāngcái zài dă diànhuà ne] is
V… is a progressive aspectual sentence.
1我刚打了一个电话 I’ve just made a phone call. 2我正在打电话呢 I’m making a phone call. 3我打电话打了很长时间 I was on the phone for ages. The meaning of 我刚才在打电话呢 is: I was on the phone just a minute ago.

Choose the answer
1. 我刚打了一个电话
[wŏ gāng dăle ge diànhuà]
2. 我正在打电话呢
[wŏ zhèngzài dă diànhuà ne]
3. 我打电话打了很长时间
[wŏ dă diànhuà dă le hĕn cháng shíjiān]