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Question: The closest meaning to 你王叔叔在睡觉 [nĭ Wáng shūshu zài shuì jiào] is
1 你在跟王叔叔睡觉 you were (in the middle of) sleeping with Uncle Wang. 2 王叔叔在睡觉 Uncle Wang was asleep. 3 我跟你王叔叔在睡觉 both your Uncle and I were asleep. The meaning of 你王叔叔在睡觉 is: your Uncle Wang was asleep.

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1. 你在跟王叔叔睡觉
[nĭ zàigēn Wáng shūshu shuì jiào]
2. 王叔叔在睡觉
[Wáng shūshu zài shuì jiào]
3. 我跟你王叔叔在睡觉
[wŏ gēn nĭ Wáng shūshu zài shuì jiào]