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Question: The closest meaning to 这是我妈包的粽子, 她让我送给你们尝尝[zhè shì wŏ mā bāo de zòngzi, tā rang wŏ sònggĕi nĭmen chángchang] is
ask (sb. to do sth.)
1 这是我妈叫你们包的粽子 these are the zongzi which my mother asked you to make. 2 这是我妈叫我包的粽子, 请你们尝一下 these are the zongzi which my mother asked me to make. Please try some. 3 我妈妈请你们尝尝她包的粽子 my mother wants you to taste the zongzi that she made. The meaning of 这是我妈包的粽子, 她让我送给你们尝尝 is: These are the zongzi that my mother made. She asked me to bring them to you to try.

Choose the answer
1. 这是我妈叫你们包的粽子
[zhè shì wŏ mā jiào nĭmen bāo de zòngzi]
2. 这是我妈叫我包的粽子,请你们尝一下
[zhè shì wŏ mā jiào wŏ bāo de zòngzi, qĭng nĭmen cháng yíxià]
3. 我妈妈请你们尝尝她包的粽子
[wŏ māma qĭng nĭmen chángchang tā bāo de zòngzi]