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Lesson 1

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Questioning image Question: Tell your friend that your Chinese teacher is very good..

Hint 1 Hint 1   The verb 是 to be is not used
Hint 2 Hint 2   A monosyllabic stative verb such as 好 is often preceded by 很
Comments Answer  我 的 中 文 老 师 很 好 。 Listen
Comments Comments  好 to be good or to be well is here used as a stative verb, as in: 你 的 车 好 吗 is your bike / car good? 是 to be is not needed here. The statement 他 很 好 can mean either his health is very good or he is very good. The true meaning of this sentence depends on the context. Other usages of 好:1. If 好 is followed by a verb, it means nice to..., or easy to ..., 中 文 很 好 学 Chinese is very nice to study or Chinese is very easy to study. 2. If 好 is followed by a stative verb, it means really, or truly, 我 今 天 好 忙 啊! I am really busy today!
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