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Questioning image Question: Tell your friend that you are not busy..

Hint 1 Hint 1   是 is not used
Hint 2 Hint 2   不 should be placed in front of 忙
Comments Answer  我 不 忙 。 Listen
Comments Comments  In colloquial Chinese the affirmative form of 忙 is often preceded by 很. 我 今 天 很 忙 (I am [very] busy today). 我 今 天 忙 sounds incomplete, or like the answer to a question. If 我 忙 is followed by another phrase, 很 can be omitted. 我 今 天 忙 明 天 不 忙 I am busy today, but not tomorrow. When a monosyllabic stative verb such as 忙 is used in a question: 你 忙 吗? Are you busy? 很 can be omitted. The answer to this question is 我 忙 I am busy.
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