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Lesson 1

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Questioning image Question: Ask your friend if this is his stamp..

Hint 1 Hint 1   Possessive 的 is used
Hint 2 Hint 2   邮 票 stamp should be placed after 的
Comments Answer  这 是 你 的 邮 票 吗? Listen
Comments Comments  的 can be omitted when 你, 我 and 他 refer to family relations such as 爸 爸, 妈 妈, 哥 哥, 姐 姐, 弟 弟 and 妹 妹 ...; to people with whom one is in regular contact such as 朋 友 and 老 师... 我 弟 弟 my younger brother, 她 朋 友 her friend; and to places with which one is closely related such as 家 and 学 校... 你 家 your home.
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