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Sentence Patterns - Reading Week 3

Time clause when…   … or   …  (3)

  is used to form a time when clause. The description of when is placed before . For instance:


I    arrive my teacher’s home

DE time

When I arrived at my teacher’s home

The clause is an abbreviated form of… .  The clause above can also be written as follows:




I    arrive my  teacher’s home


As indicated above, … and indicate the end of a when clause.

Conditional sentence , …(3)

A conditional clause is placed between and , though can be omitted. The outcome of the condition is placed in the clause. is an adverb, which should be placed before verbs. For instance:

…                               ,



If        student school after use drugs  DE HUA 

parents JIU  should tell    school’s     teachers

If pupils take drugs after school, their parents should let the teachers know.

However, abbreviated forms of this construction are frequently used in newspapers. For instance, the above sentence can also be written in the following ways:

1          Without : ,



2          Without :



3          Without : ,  …



Modal particle indicate the change of situation (3)

When the particle is placed at end of a clause or sentence, it has many implications. One of the implications is a change of situation. For instance:





not go China    LE

Now we are not going to China.

Comparative [also see …]: stative verb + (3)

This is a written type of comparative construction. For instance:


SV         B



China’s population

more than Britain’s population

The Chinese population is larger than Britain’s.

 Form phrases

 1. Noun + (3)

  PERSON, PEOPLE. It is often in the form of V/N+. It means the people who do a certain kind of job:

教育      工作 

education work


People who are engaged in education

 2. Noun + (3)

SYSTEM.  Short for (zhìdù). is often placed after a noun or short phrase which modifies a type of system:


public  fund medical cure


National health-care system


work    points


work-point system

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