Grammar database page

Michaelmas Term

Parsing of sentences Interrogative Interrogative Short answers for "yes" and "no
Stative verbs Slight-pause mark as copula Intensifier
Use of and Use of as possessive Formation of plural pronouns Use of interrogative words
Use of nouns as qualifiers Use of  请 Repeated greeting words Use of binomial/compound verbs
Greeting words Use of , Subject-verb-object (SVO) sentence patterns Introduce cardinal numbers from 1 to 1,000,000
Verbs that take 2 objects Use of 一下儿 Position of time words Interrogatives (choice-types)
Serial verbs (after verbs of motion and ) Use of Co-verbs

Measure words

Uses of Use of ... Asking ages Use of 这儿,


Modal verbs Position word Review of interrogatives following 好吗  Progressive aspect
Continuous aspect  Aspect for the completion of actions Experiences of actions in the past Telling the time
Modal The use of the adverbs and Complement of degree

The use of the adverbial particle 

The use of 离 and 从 Comparatives with stative verbs and complements of degree Comparatives with 一样 Resultative verb complements
Directional verb complements Potential verb complements The construction Passive with ,, and
The notional passive construction The ... construction. Conjunctions /with interrogatives
The ... / construction