Third year language assignments for HT 2019

  Prose composition Interpreting
W1 We Should Be Able to Take Facebook to Court Which is more trustworthy, mainstream media or bloggers?
W2 Not Returning as Often to Hospitals. Is That a Good Thing? Aids
W3 Reporting on poverty: 'Listening is the most important thing' Food Price
W4 As schools are forced to be academies, the will of the people means no Increase of enrolment in Chinese universities
W5 Talks to End U.S.-China Trade War Now Shift to Make-or-Break Rounds The Trade War between China and the West
W6 Gay marriage first for chaplain in defiance of C of E Homosexuality
W7 Bolsonaro threatens the world, not just Brazil’s fledgling democracy Democracy
W8 Anti obesity campaign Fighting against Obesity