Third year language assignments for MT 2010

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Topics Reading Prose composition Interpreting Listening comprehension
W1 英首相呼吁全国团结共渡财政难关 English universities on course to become most expensive in world Why British Universities must attract more students from overseas? Spending cuts
W2   Chinese activists urge Beijing to release Liu Xiaobo An interview of Liu Xiaobo by ABC News  
Nigerian stripped of Commonwealth Games medals after failed drug test
Anti drug  
W4   Not enough people in China


Increase of enrolment in Chinese universities

W5   Roshonara Choudhry: I wanted to die … I wanted to be a martyr Which is more trustworthy, mainstream media or bloggers?

Armed escort for Very Important Panda passengers

The Animal Rights Movement
W7   China's leaders may face scrutiny Corruption in China  
W8   Cloned cattle food safe to eat, say scientists GM Food