Third year language assignments for TT 2017


  Interpreting Prose translation
W 1 Vegetarianism Could a tax on meat help us save the planet?
W 2 Employment Robots to replace 1 in 3 UK jobs over next 20 years, warns IPPR
W 3 Local Election Local elections 2017: How things look across rest of UK
W 4 Homosexuality The pink yuan: how Chinese business is embracing the LGBT market
W 5 Young People's Gadgets Facebook and Twitter 'harm young people's mental health
W 6 How can we defeat terrorism Robust debate, not unanimity, is the only riposte to this evil in a democracy
W 7 Healthy living We all want to live longer. But someone must pay
W 8 The Arab World The Arab World Has Never Recovered From the Loss of 1967