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Listen to the passage and answer the following questions.

  1. Where did I see Mr Li's girlfriend? Answer

  2. Who was Xiao Wang? Answer

  3. What was Xiao Wang doing? Answer

  4. Why did Xiao Wang want to buy a good dictionary?Answer

  5. What did I say to Xiao Wang?Answer

Reading and writing

Written Assignment

Please read the following dialogue and answer the questions in Chinese:

A 你好!对不起,请问去北京饭店怎么走?

B 我不知道,可是我能帮你问问我的老师。

B 老师,您知道北京饭店在哪儿吗?

C 北京饭店?这里没有北京饭店吧。

A 哪儿有北京饭店?

C 我想如果你从这里坐地铁,坐两站,到上海站,那个站叫上海站,北京饭店应该

yīng gāi- should)就在那里。

A 谢谢您!


1 A 去哪儿?

2 B 帮助A了吗?

3 B C 是什么关系(guān xi- relation)

4 A 应该(yīng gāi- should怎么去?

Please translate the following sentences

1 If you understand the questions (that I ask), please answer.

2 If you study French, could you tell me how to say friend in French?

3 If you call him every day from Monday to Friday, he should help you.