Basic Spoken Mandarin

4. Asking the way 

You click on the Chinese characters, Chinese sentences or the headphone icons to hear the pronunciation. Place the cursor on the English words to view Pinyin for the pronunciation and the Chinese word order.
New words Additional phrases and words New phrases
To be located in Go straight ahead 往前走 Where is the hotel / restaurant? 饭店在哪儿?
There 那儿 Turn right 向右拐 It's over there. 在那儿。
There is / are; have Turn left 向左拐 Is there a bank here? 这儿有银行吗?
There is not; doesn't have 没有        
Bank 银行        


Does the hotel have cars? The hotel doesn't have cars.

Where is the car? The car is over there. Where is the bank?

Straight ahead and turn left. Where should I get off for the hotel?


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