Language exercises on verb complements and 把 sentences

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How do you say : "open the case"?

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The main verb is to open, and the result of the action to open is that the two parts of the case will be kāi apart. The correct complement is kāi.






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One can also say 打开书包 kāi shūbāo is a colloquial usage, and another way to say it is 开开书包 kāi kāi shūbāo. As you may have noticed that both characters are pronounced in the first tone, unlike the duplicated verb 开开 kāikai.

There are more usages of the verb . can also mean to fetch a liquid-like object, e.g., 打水 shuǐ to fetch water, 打酱油 dă jiàngyóu to buy some soy sauce. 打听 dă tīng find out information, make an inquiry.



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