Language exercises on verb complements and sentences


·         can be used when you want to specify that the result of an action affects a particular object, but not the action itself. (Clicking here to read the details.) can be used when you want to deal with or to dispose of a particular object.

·         A verb in the construction changes the form, situation or direction of the object. Verbs in constructions are in complex forms. They are usually verbs of method of action plus other elements. (Clicking here to read the details.)  

·         Actually, there is a simple way to learn the construction by watching the sequences of actions in the following video clips. The word order of sentences is the same as the order of the sequences!

How do you form the following sentences with the construction?

Please click on the following 15 links to learn the construction. You will need a Windows Internet Explorer to display the video files correctly.

1 Close the door 6 Put the pen on the table 11 Hang the map on the wall
2 Switch on the light 7 Wrote the character wrong 12 Finished drinking the wine
3 Open the case 8 wrote the character correctly 13 Draw the picture on the board
4 Take out the dictionary 9 Finish writing characters 14 Finished making the lantern
5 Bring the chair over here 10 Write the character clearly 15 Post this letter to China