Language exercises on verb complements and 把 sentences

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How do you say : "put the pen on the table" ?

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The action is fàng to put. The pen is going to be put on the 桌子zhuōzi table. The correct complement is ... zài...shàng to locate ... on. 桌子zhuōzi table is placed between zài and shàng.








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The other verbs which can precede ... are xiě  as in 写在纸上 xiě zài zhĭ shng  to write something on the paper; as in 挂在墙上 guà zài qiáng shàng to hang something on the wall; as in 坐在椅子上 zuò zài yĭzi shng to sit on the chair and  as in 睡在床上 suì zài chuáng shang to sleep on the bed.







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