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Question: The closest meaning to 你来得太晚了,下班了,明天再来吧 [nĭ lái de tài wăn le, xià bān le, míngtiān zài  lái ba] is
下班了refers to ; 明天再来吧 refers to.
1 下班以后再来 come after work. 2 明天来太晚了if you come tomorrow it will be too late. 3 我已经下班了, 请你明天来 I’ve already finished work. Come back tomorrow. 你来得太晚了,下班了,明天再来吧 you’ve come too late. I am off work. Why don’t you come back tomorrow?

Choose the answer
1. 下班以后再来
[xià bān yĭ hòu zài lái]
2. 明天来太晚了
[míngtiān lái tài wăn le]
3. 我已经下班了, 请你明天来
[wŏ yĭjīng xià bān le, qĭng nĭ míngtiān lái]