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Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

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General information

On-line Chinese Tools
Another site which has many links to China related websites. All the instructions are in English.
Internet Guide for China studies (ANU/Heidelberg Univ.)
One of the best prepared and informed web-sites for all aspects of Chinese Studies.
China Data online
Oxford University Library online materials.
Yahoo Chinese
An internet search site for Chinese material.
Chinese Learner's Alternative Site
This site has many useful links to Chinese and China-related websites. It is updated regularly.
Ezydictionary Lingua Resources Directory

Modern Chinese literature

Long Yuan
Apart from Chinese literature journals there are also other journals on this site cover politics and geography.
Diary of a Madman
A Chinese decoder is needed to read the Chinese characters on this site. The Diary of a Madman is a short story by Lu Xun. The site provides the Chinese text, an English translation and an online dictionary of Chinese characters.