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Materials for Chinese language studies at elementary level  


Pinyin pronunciation   Reading and writing   Online courses & info
Pinyin Pronunciation for Mandarin
A multimedia Pinyin pronunciation practice CDROM is available at the CTCFL
  Information on the Radicals of Chinese Characters   Sound Files & Lab Materials for Practical Chinese Reader
Pinyin Pronunciation Lesson
Notes on Pinyin pronunciation  CTCFL


  How to Write Chinese Characters


  A Supplementary Chinese Course at Elementary-intermediate Level
Chinese Pronunciation Guide
Harvard University Chinese Language web site, which has a good pinyin table. RealPlayer is needed

Flashcards for Practical Chinese Reader

A flashcard program that can  be used as a study aid along  with the book  "Practical Chinese Reader" Books 1, 2, and 3


Chinese Culture Language
This site explains how pinyin should be pronounced
Listening exercises at elementary level


  Practical Chinese Reader Sound files 1-50


Pinyin Practice University of IOWA
The 'practice' parts may have some technical problems. It has a good Pinyin Chat facility

Practical Chinese Reader Audio Files PCR Lessons 1-30.


  Basic Spoken Mandarin
    Chinese Character Writing Exercise Sheets for Practical Chinese Reader Books 1 and 2  

Online Chinese language courses

The supplementary materials for New Practical Chinese Reader  are very good and the animated Chinese character writing is suitable for beginners


    Grammar Notes  


This is a very good site for Chinese language teaching and learning. It has been inspected and endorsed by the experts in Beijing, at the Ministry of Education and at the National Language Committee


    Exercises on the use of the particle



Chinese Character Dictionary

This is a character-finding tool that can be used to help locate characters and words that are used in Practical Chinese Reader, books I, II and III

    Verb complements with



Chinese writing systems

    Elementary grammar revision notes and exercises   Learn Chinese Online -
Grammar Guide

Learn Chinese online the easy way! This Chinese grammar learning guide is for you to speak Chinese through basic sentence structures.