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Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

牛 津 大 学 汉 语 教 学 中 心



A sample lesson from this  supplementary Chinese course is now available online, click here to try it.

The complete course consists of 22 lessons in simplified characters at elementary-intermediate level and is suitable for students who have already learned Chinese for at least 3 months. The course has been designed to supplement classroom teaching of Chinese, but can stand alone for use by students studying independently. It breaks new ground with its comprehensive use of multimedia materials, including video and audio files, interactive character writing exercises, interactive grammar drills, multiple choice vocabulary tests, and indexes for grammar and vocabulary.

A trial version of this CD has been tested out by students of Chinese in UK universities. A full production version of Chinese Multimedia (ISBN 0-9543229-0-8) is available in Oxford Blackwell Bookshops and Blackwell's Online Bookshop.



A trial version of a multimedia Pinyin pronunciation CDROM is available at the CTCFL. Click here to try it.

Pinyin pronunciation for Mandarin   Feedback form



Multimedia Spoken Chinese Textbook and CDROM (ISBN0-954229-1-6) at intermediate level are available at CTCFL. Click here to try it.



The Centre has started to develop a multimedia language teaching and learning CDROM for interpreting and comprehension exercises at intermediate-advanced level.

An Online Chinese Grammar programme was created in 2007




With the help of the OUCS, an online Multimedia Role Play for Chinese was created in 2011. These are the topic-based and problem solving language exercises which can be used to prepare the students for their year abroad in China.