Computer Assisted Language Teaching and Learning

Part One

CTCFL online Chinese language teaching materials at elementary level

1.      Pronunciation Pinyin Table    Pinyin Practice

2.      Character writing Radical Table     Writing Characters

3.      Textbooks Practical Chinese Reader

7.      Grammar teaching Grammar Index    Termly Teaching   Flash Animations Written exercises Online feedback Example

10.  Revision materials Grammar Practice     Multimedia language exercises


      Online learning with intensive teaching language course Example

CTCFL online Chinese language teaching materials at intermediate level

1.      Spoken Chinese CDROM for Colloquial Chinese

2.      Reading skills training for Newspaper Readings

3.      Weekly assignments Student Diary  WebLearn Assignments

4.      Material database Listening and Interpreting  Television Programmes


art Two

Language teaching and learning tools

  1. Pinyin tone insert

  2. Google Translate

  • Creating web pages with Word or SharePoint Disigner 2007

  • Making and Editing Digital Recordings