Third year language assignments for TT 2010


  Readings Newspaper translation Prose composition Listening comprehension Interpreting
W 1   冰岛火山灰危机影响亚洲 中欧航线逾百航班取 Ash Wednesday 冰岛火山灰危机影响亚洲 中欧航线逾百航班取消 Tsunami
W 2 西敏寺内莺歌燕舞   Cable talks down Lib-Lab pact after election UK election The US Election
W 3 广东突击结扎超生者亲属被拘   China's one-child policy   China's 'one child' policy
W 4   伦理剧《非常90后》启动 老中青三代明星加盟 The generation gap   Generation Gap
W 5 北京秀水街市场原总经理被捕 Knock-offs catch on 大量中国走私货被查获 Infringement of a brand name
W 6 蔡英文流亡政府说在台惹争议   Tour agents protest change in rules for Chinese tourists   Holidays and tourism in China
W 7   漏油事件後美國改變沿海石油開採政策 BP briefs No 10 as fight to cap well enters critical 24 hours   Saving Energy for the World
W 8     Are You Sitting Comfortably?   The Trade War between China and the West