Third year language assignments for HT 2004

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Readings Newspaper translation Prose composition Listening comprehension Interpreting
W1 航天司令部将面临重大的挑战 Moon or Mars? Future of U.S. space program up in air 美两次登月之不同:竞赛变合作、炫耀改探索 Bush's Moon Mission
W2 王在希谈对台动武底线 所谓“助选”无道理 U.S.-Taiwan-China Relations: A Difficult Triangle 中国国台办副主任在美阐述中国和平统一原则立场 China-Taiwan Relationship
W3 首批SARS疫苗接种者的选择标准日前确定 Hunt for SARS source continues 推迟就医SARS制造杀机 SARS in East Asia
W4 接吻比赛 The History of Saint Valentine's Day 杭州情人节天价套餐 杭州本地记录 Valentine's Day


Are You Experiencing a 'Blow-Up' in Your Family?
传统观念悄然生变   第一代独生子女正步入围城 Concept of Family in Modern World
W6   The Ideas that Conquered the World 先发制人扩大化 Would western democracy ensure world peace?
W7 雅俗杂糅的狂欢——读莫言新著《四十一炮》 Cultural Appropriation and Subcultural Expression 两点一线的生活过腻了,我们开始别处生活 Pop Culture
W8 学者探讨未来城市交通发展方向

Central London congestion charging

从未担心北京奥运期间交通 Public Transport