Third year language assignments for MT 2003

Hilary Term 2004 Language Collections:  3rd Year

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W1 转基因技术是不是一种进步? GM crops? No thanks

香蕉走向灭绝? 转基因食品
W2 丁肇中一语评说中国载人航天 China launches its first man in space
中国发射第一艘载人太空船 First Chinese man in space
W3 计划好定操作太难 British don calls for end to Jewish state 埃及外长表示欢迎中国在中东问题上发挥更大作用 Middle East Peace Plan
W4 中国大学生无法偿还贷款 University fees 'equal two beers' 英国大学拟增学费招致批评 Top-up fees


Globalization, Alive and Well 全球化需要全球性规则 Globalization
W6 梵蒂冈谴责同性恋婚姻 PFLAG Urges President Bush to Condemn "Marriage Protection Week," Support "Marriage Equality Week" 罗马教廷签署文件反对同性恋婚姻引发抗议 Gay and lesbian rights
W7 中国"面临保护环境艰巨任务" Summer 2003 ozone pollution hits high; levels could recur for several more years 美国电脑垃圾污染亚洲环境 Environmental Protection
W8 中美关系新层面 Sino-American Relations 中美关系研讨会在美举行钱其琛老布什鲍威尔基辛格出席 Sino-American Relationship